Beautifulhugo Customized

This is a customization of the Beautiful Hugo Theme and an attempt to add most of the enhancements I have found so far, in one Theme.

Credit to halogenica for porting the Theme to Hugo, and daattali for creating the original Jekyll Theme.

Front Page Content

beautifulhugo-customized supports content on your front page. Edit /content/ to change what appears here. Delete /content/ if you don’t want any content here.

Big Image Sample

Using Multiple Images

The image banners at the top of the page are refered to as “bigimg” in this theme. They are optional, and one more more can be specified. If more than one is specified, the images rotate every 10 seconds. In the front matter, bigimgs are specified using an array of hashes.

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Math Sample

Using KaTeX

KaTeX can be used to generate complex math formulas server-side.

$$ \phi = \frac{(1+\sqrt{5})}{2} = 1.6180339887\cdots $$

Additional details can be found on GitHub or on the Wiki.

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